Medical Device and Combination Products Testing

Medical Device Testing at ZebraSci is growing and we’re pleased to announce that soon we’ll be updating our website to include even more information about our world class testing services for primary container engineering and drug delivery & combination product device design and development.

We’re committed to bringing you the information you need about our products and services including:

Rob Schultheis and ZebraSci Satellite Robot

Behind the Scenes of our website photo shoot – Rob & the Robot

  • Combination Product Development – from Concept to Commercialization
  • Full Syringe – Medical Device Characterization Testing Services
  • Compendial Syringe Testing Services – e.g. ISO 11608, ISO 11040 & ISO 7886
  • Customized Mechanical & Physical Testing for primary container components using the most modern, up to date equipment from Zwick and Instron
  • Onsite Precision Machining for Test Fixtures and Automated Inspection

The tools that we are building online will help our current and future clients by providing useful information available with just a few key strokes. In addition to the service area updates, ZebraSci will offer educational and informative blogs, case studies and whitepapers. We’re listening – you have a topic or area of interest that you would like to discuss with one of our experienced engineers, contact us anytime.

About ZebraSci, your Partner for Medical Device Testing

ZebraSci Inc. was founded in 2009 by Robert Schultheis as a company dedicated to developing novel inspection technologies to ensure quality in parenteral packaging and combination products. Over the years, we’ve grown substantially and by concentrating on scientific expertise, customer service and a strict adherence to regulatory compliance, ZebraSci now works with 100’s of medical device manufacturers – many in the Fortune 50 Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies. Our clients partner with ZebraSci to resolve technical issues and accelerate “time to market” to support the development of safe and effective combination products for commercialization around the globe.