Each year, the PDA brings together industry professionals and regulatory experts to share their experiences in new advances, trends and technology improvements in the field of pre-filled syringes and injection devices. The 16th edition of the PDA event – the world’s largest conference on PFS and drug delivery devices – covers a broad range of topics. Those looking for a basic understanding of pre-filled syringes and injection devices as well as those looking for a more in-depth presentation of current challenges and developments will have an opportunity to meet the experienced team at ZebraSci.

A series of multiple satellite events around the two-day conference offer attendees the chance to learn about test methods for prefilled syringes, extractables & leachables, and innovative drug delivery systems & combination products and advancements in container closure integrity (CCI).

ZebraSci will also participate in the accompanying “Container Closure Integrity Workshop”.  This PDA Europe Workshop focuses on theoretical and practical fundamentals of various CCI testing technologies and provides a systematic approach to applying these testing methods for CCI verification throughout drug product lifecycle.

The two-day workshop encompasses presentations on theory and real-life applications of all deterministic container closure integrity technologies referenced in USP 1207.  Participating attendees can witness demonstrations of integrity methods such as tracer gas detection, electrical conductivity and capacitance (HVLD), vacuum decay leak detection, laser-based gas headspace analysis, and mass extraction leak tests.

The CCI workshop focuses on practical fundamentals of various CCI testing technologies and provides a systematic approach to apply these testing methods for CCI verification throughout the product life cycle. The workshop, as a whole, will educate and enable participants to implement CCI testing strategies to ensure adequate drug product protection that are aligned with contemporary regulatory and compendial requirements.

Stop by our Booth for an overview of our latest silicone distribution inspection technology – the ZebraSci Flex HD. The Flex HD system is unique to the market as the system can be used on empty or filled containers allowing you to closely monitor lubrication mobility and silicone dewetting into solution over time.  In addition to HD, ZebraSci specializes in advanced automated inspection products for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries. Our products integrate the latest technology and algorithms.   We have solutions to inspect silicone oil coverage, particulates, fill volume, and dimensional defects of primary containers for drug products such as PFS, vials and ampoules.

Join us in Booth G6 at this year’s Parenteral Drug Association’s (PDA) Universe of Pre-Filled Syringes (PFS) and Injection Devices Conference – Oct 22 – Oct 23 in Gothenburg Sweden!

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