About us

ZebraSci was founded in 2009 as a company dedicated to developing novel inspection technologies to ensure quality in parenteral packaging and combination products. Over the years, we’ve grown substantially by concentrating on technical expertise, customer service and a strict adherence to regulatory compliance. As an independent combination testing and expert advisory platform our goal is to challenge the limits and cultivate unique solutions for our customers. We also leverage the knowledge from our past and the structure of our parent company to expand our capabilities. This has allowed us to continue to test products outside of the BD portfolio while also giving clients an opportunity to gain access to both product and service needs. Our goal is to challenge the limits of this industry and cultivate unique solutions for our customers.

Zebrasci timeline

Global presence

ZebraSci is available globally, and we have assisted clients in commercializing numerous combination products in multiple geographies over the last decade. We validate methods on our equipment to match our individual client testing requirements, as needed.


We have developed and maintain a robust quality management system to demonstrate our commitment to consistently provide inspection products and laboratory services that adhere to cGMP FDA regulations, ISO 17025 and ISO 13485 standards, and customer Quality System requirements.

Meeting your needs

ZebraSci can work with multiple medical device, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology companies for their combination product needs. Client’s partner with us to resolve technical issues, support “time to market” and assist with the development of safe and effective products using our unique approach.

Accelerated time to market

De-risking product development

Flexibility and agility

Expertise and knowledge

Extend your bench, reserve internal resources

ZebraSci continues to support clients overcome their most difficult primary container and drug delivery device challenges. While the combination product development journey is long, it isn’t impossible and we at ZebraSci are here to help you.

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