Design verification is a critical milestone for your combination product development to demonstrate that your design outputs meet your design input requirements. To show that your device design outputs meet your design inputs, many tests from mechanical testing to analytical laboratory testing will need to be conducted. We can be your partner during the entire combination product development journey in addition to being a dedicated service provider. Our unique approach includes but is not limited to:

  • Providing credible and innovative testing solutions that meet your needs
  • Offering new perspectives through data, all drawing from a rich history of technological expertise
  • Reducing risk by providing clients with real time updates on testing status
  • Empowering clients with knowledge and tools to enhance engagement
  • Focusing on meeting your needs with solutions that are established, agile and customer-oriented

To ensure that all documentation complies with quality/regulatory requirements, we will walk you through the technical aspects of each test as well as the design control process. ZebraSci is FDA registered and ISO compliant, meaning that our Quality Assurance team can draft Design Verification Protocols and Reports for our DV clients.

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Pre-filled syringe testing

Pen injector testing

Autoinjector testing

On-body/wearable device testing

Drug product–primary container testing


DV sample storage