At ZebraSci, our complaint management expertise goes beyond basic practices – we assess and conquer a wide range of challenges associated with combination products and primary containers. Our experienced team assists in developing a robust and rapid clinical and/or commercial complaint handling processes, from intake and decontamination to in-depth root cause investigations, corrective actions, and trending.

At ZebraSci, we can establish end-to-end market complaint programs with customers where we receive market complaint samples, decontaminate them, and execute a protocol to determine the comprehensive root cause of the complaint.

Our expertise includes an in-depth analysis of each feature and potential failure mode to ensure that we aim the problems accurately. We take a tailored approach with a versatile state-of-the-art toolkit to ensure that your products are brought to new heights of quality and performance.

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Sample strategy, management and decontamination

Defect library creation

Protocol and inspection process development

Tight timeline and expedited turnaround

Investigation reports