EVO – Primary Container Inspection Platform

100% Inline Inspection of Primary Containers for Parenteral Applications


  • 100% Automated inspection of primary containers

  • Innovative high-speed inspection system

  • Modular design for lubricant inspection, critical container dimensions and cosmetic checks and more

  • Flexible designs, customized to your needs

  • Suitable for syringes, cartridges, vials or other unique applications

  • Packaging/Production line ready

  • Device Assembly Lines

High Speed Inline Inspection Solution

The EVO is a continuous motion, cam driven machine that can operate at a maximum speed of 45,000 parts per hour. Our high speed inspection system is capable of non-destructively inspecting and screening filled and empty primary containers for a variety of critical characteristics including:

  • Parenteral Packaging inspection, including syringes | vials | ampoules | cartridges
  • Lubrication/silicone distribution to prevent injection/device stalls
  • Syringe Critical Dimension verification, such as – plunger placement | needle shield eccentricity | shoulder geometry
  • Cartridge Critical Dimension verification, such as – cartridge stopper placement| crimp and septum height
  • Vial Critical Dimension verification, such as – crimp concentricity | crimp and septum height
  • Integrity & Cosmetic Defects such as – cracks | scratches | foreign matter

Minimize risk with our EVO inline inspection solution, EVO empowers you to ensure 100% of primary containers produced meet drug product and device requirements.

The optics of EVO system are harmonized with our Flex, Flex S and Satellite products. Global calibration is available through ZebraShield service which ensures all machines are aligned from the lab to manufacturing areas.

The EVO system utilizes Siemens or Allen Bradley PLCs’. The EVO is flexible and can easily be integrated into any manufacturing line or remain as a standalone inspection station customized to your needs.



Our EVO high speed inline inspection machines are customized to your unique primary container inspection needs. The modular nature of the system allows for the flexibility you need – be it syringe lubrication, critical dimensional checks, cosmetic defect screening or more. Click below for a free consultation to learn more about our EVO high speed inspection solutions.