Robotic Lubricant Characterization System


  • Pilot scale production
  • Large sample size manufacturing or analysis
  • Create optimal distribution and quantity of lubricant for robust device performance
  • Create optimal distribution and quantity for drug substance compatibility
  • Set supplier specification for distribution and amount

The Satellite is a versatile robotic work cell which is built modularly to accomplish all aspects of tribology and inspection within primary containers for the pharmaceutical industry. Satellite has plug in modules for spraying lubricant, inspection of coating, plasma cross-linking of lubricant, and cosmetic defect screening. Satellite empowers users to create and analyze their own lubricant patterns within primary containers at higher speeds. The system is designed to accommodate a range of common primary container sizes without changing parts.

The optics and automation at the heart of the Satellite system are the same as our high speed EVO system, but are designed for lab and GMP production environments. Vacuum collection of spray and sealed machine design ensures that sprayed oil is contained and filtered.


  • 220+/-10%VAC, Single Phase, 50/60Hz
  • Power Rating: 1.7KVA
  • Machine Dimensions: 296cm X 224cm minimum
  • Pneumatic Supply Pressure: >3bar
  • CE Marked