In order to optimize your container design space, we offer custom lubrication for primary containers such as syringes, cartridges and vials.

Our proprietary spray systems can accommodate a wide variety of containers and custom systems are available for unique applications. With the ability to perform fixed and diving nozzle sprays, our spray & custom lubrication services allow you to evaluate the boundaries of the lubrication from your commercial supplier. Spraying high to get an idea of the impact of silicone on sub-visible particle generation or spray low to determine device performance in less than ideal conditions.

In addition to specifying the sprayed silicone amount, our custom lubrication services allow for placement of zonal amounts. For example, we can apply low, nominal and high amounts in the same container. This is particularly beneficial when evaluating drug delivery devices. With powerpack designs from different device manufacturers performing differently, it’s important to understand how less than ideal lubrication affects injectability and injection time.