needle_based_injection_systemsDrug delivery devices come in many forms from the proven PFS to sophisticated auto injectors and needle free systems. ZebraSci actively invests in the testing capabilities and engineering expertise required to evaluate the new drug delivery systems continually coming to market.

Needle based injection systems (injector pens, auto injectors, multi-dose systems) are becoming more common as they provide benefits over manual injection systems. They can simplify self administration, reduce patient anxiety and provide improved safety features. Drug Delivery from a well-engineered device is more controlled, delivering a precise measured dose and contributing to overall patient compliance.

ZebraSci is known for accurate and repeatable tests of drug delivery device systems. Standardized testing provides medical device manufacturers and drug delivery experts a common basis for producing reliable test results. Our test programs support our clients during product development, functional performance and design verification testing.

We routinely perform testing on a variety of Drug Delivery Devices, including:

  • Needle Based Injection Systems
  • Pen, Jet, and Auto Injector Systems
  • Single-Dose and Multi-Dose Systems
  • Needle Free Injection Systems
Device Testing
Device Testing
Device Testing

Drug Delivery Devices – ISO 11608 Test Standards

ZebraSci offers a complete portfolio of test solutions to the following ISO 11608 standards for needle-based injection systems. Our experienced team is adept at method development and validation of non-standard testing; we can help you quantifiably assess properties outside the boundaries of standard tests.

  • ISO 11608-1 — Part 1: Needle-based injection systems

  • ISO 11608-2 — Part 2: Needles
  • ISO 11608-3 — Part 3: Finished containers

Drug Delivery Devices – Typical Tests

  • Cap Removal Force Testing

  • Activation Force Testing

  • Dose Accuracy Testing