HVLD or High Voltage Leak Detection, is a deterministic, non-destructive leak detection method to evaluate syringes, cartridges and other liquid filled parenteral products for Container Closure Integrity.

The principle of high voltage leak detection is based on quantitative electrical conductivity measurements. The technology is simple. By passing a high-voltage probe (or brush) along the exterior of a container, a defect (as small as 1 micron!) results in an increase of recorded electrical conductivity. Robust method development and validation work allows you to easily set pass / fail criteria for your individual container closure system | package. The technology is non-destructive to the container and product – utilizing a non-contact and non-invasive method that requires no special sample preparation.

The current generation of MicroCurrent HVLD can be used with a wide range of liquid based products from low conductivity sterile water for injection (sWFI) to highly proteinaceous drug products within suspensions. In addition, MicroCurrent High Voltage Leak Detection is the only technology that does not rely on mass (helium, air or drug product) to transfer through a defect to determine leakage/integrity.