Product quality in the medical device industry is vital to the success of a product. In addition to ZebraSci’s own advanced inspection products, we offer a wide range of testing services for the measurement and inspection of a variety of medical devices and drug delivery components.

ZebraSci uses a custom, automated multi-axis vision measurement system for complete dimensional characterizations of both the interior and exterior of primary containers such as syringes, cartridges and vials. Empty or product filled containers can be measured in the X, Y and Z axis with sub 10-micron accuracy.

Medical Device Precision Measurement Solutions


Medical device components need to be inspected for surface imperfections such as feather edges, burrs, hooks and dust debris. The example below shows the measurement of the angle of a 31g hypodermic needle point.


Certain primary packaging component geometries can be critical to their functionality. For example, the trim edge of a plunger. The graphic below illustrates the measurement of critical external dimension of a syringe plunger.

Measurement Inspection
Measurement Inspection


  • Incoming Inspection
  • First Article Inspection
  • Dimension to Drawing Verification
  • Go No Go Gauge Verification

  • Sorting Requirements
  • CPK’s, Histograms and Control Charts