Our proprietary silicone inspection technology is a robust and reliable solution for ensuring proper lubrication critical parenteral & injectable applications.

The technology behind our Flex HD silicone characterization platform is used to resolve lubricant oil quantity and distribution in primary containers for parenteral applications such as syringes, cartridges, and vials. Our solution provides a 100% non-destructive evaluation of silicone distribution and quantity in a matter of seconds. Using patented technology, the Flex HD allows product development and engineering teams to observe lubrication in real time and make risk based decisions on container quality.

Our platform easily quantifies silicone within filled and empty containers. Being a non-destructive technique, we can easily observe silicone mobility over time (stability) or silicone dewetting into solution due to drug product interactions.

Device Testing
Device Testing
Device Testing

Benefits of Silicone Characterization

Silicone | Lubrication Characterization is an important step in the product development process.  Too much silicone can lead to issues with subvisible particles, while too little silicone may lead to poor performance in a device.  The experienced engineers at ZebraSCI have seen it all.  We’re familiar with the baseline lubrication levels of primary containers from all the world’s leading container manufacturers and quickly assist you with developing a test program to determine the optimum design space.

When selecting primary containers, the importance of silicone characterization should not be overlooked.  With an optimized lubrication profile you can reduce the risk of problems down the road.  Subvisible particles and free silicone in solution can be well mitigated.  Slow injection time and other device failure modes can be predicted and modeled easily.

ZebraSci’s experienced engineers have been researching silicone quality and tribology for over a decade.  With our experience at your side, make your next primary container and product development project a success.

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