ZebraSci Announces Expansion to East Coast to Support Global Customer Base

Branchburg, New Jersey, Oct 24th, 2018 – ZebraSci, a leading provider of inspection and testing solutions for life sciences is pleased to announce their expansion to the east coast with the leasing of 15,000 ft of prime laboratory space in Branchburg, NJ. The new state of the art facility will officially open Q4 2018 and extend ZebraSci’s complete portfolio of medical device testing, CCI and package testing across the country, to further provide global solutions for device development to the world’s leading life sciences companies.


The new headquarters is just 45 minutes from New York City and located in the heart of the medical and pharma corridor of Central NJ.  Fortune 100s continue to thrive in this area, including Pfizer, Merck, JNJ, Janssen, Ethicon, and BMS among others. Additionally, all Tri-State, New England, and Mid Atlantic Pharma|MedTech organizations have easy access to ZebraSci device development solutions.

“This represents the largest expansion in our history” said Eric Creveling, General Manager of ZebraSci and former Director | Whitehouse Labs. “We’ve identified an urgent need to provide our quality product and exemplary service to the east coast market.  Over the last year we have been fortunate to see substantial growth in our existing business due to our valued clients and want to give back to the life sciences community.”

Beginning Q4 2018, life science companies can work with ZebraSci to tackle their most challenging container closure integrity and device design verification testing needs.  Packaging product and materials testing (including ASTM/ISTA simulated distribution testing) will follow shortly in Q1 2019.  The site, previously a successful flavor and fragrances laboratory is well equipped and makes use of an integrated laboratory layout. Ample space is allocated for sample intake, preparatory work, hood and bench space, sample storage and sample retain management.  Office and Quality Records storage areas are also provided for.  The facility is under 24/7 secure monitoring with additional limited access areas within.

“We’ve built our company on a strong foundation of hiring and nurturing knowledgeable and committed team members to fulfill our mission to partner with life science companies, accelerating device design & development to help bring safe and effective therapies to market that impact lives and support patients’ health worldwide,” added Mr. Creveling.

“Adding new capabilities and talent is essential to fostering meaningful client relationships and providing unsurpassed service to our customers,” said Justine Young, AD | Laboratory Operations. “The expansion is another example of the commitment of ZebraSci to continued growth and investment in its laboratory operations and our clients’ success. The world of ZebraSci is exciting! We are proud of where we are today and passionate about where we are heading.”

Complementing the growth of the laboratory, ZebraSci will be expanding its staff, bringing several new jobs to Central NJ during the next year.

About ZebraSci

For nearly a decade, ZebraSci has been dedicated to developing novel inspection technologies to ensure quality in parenteral packaging and combination products. Over the years, we’ve grown substantially and by concentrating on scientific expertise, customer service and a strict adherence to regulatory requirements – ZebraSci now works with 100’s of medical device manufacturers – many in the Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies. We partner with our clients to resolve technical issues and accelerate “time to market” to support the development of safe and effective drug delivery systems for commercialization around the globe.

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