Common Considerations for Packaging and Shipping Vaccines


There is a lot of information circulating about the various COVID-19 vaccines and the logistical challenges certain pharmaceutical companies face due to their vaccine’s temperature storage requirements. As many people may know, the -70°C temperature requirements for the Pfizer vaccine is an extremely low temperature for storage requirements. In fact, it is so low that [...]

Common Considerations for Packaging and Shipping Vaccines2021-01-18T06:16:07-08:00

ZebraSci Acheives ISO 13485 Certification


ZebraSci is pleased to announce that in November 2020 we received our ISO 13485 certification. We look forward to bringing more extensive capabilities to support our clients in their combination product development programs. A special thanks to all of the ZebraSci team for helping us reach this milestone.

ZebraSci Acheives ISO 13485 Certification2020-12-01T06:07:57-08:00

ZebraSci Launches Audible Device Testing Capabilities


Have you heard? ZebraSci has received several inquiries on anticipatory design validation requirements and testing capabilities for drug delivery device audible levels... ZebraSci has test methods and capabilities to characterize sound pressure levels (SPL) for start of dose and end of dose feedback.

ZebraSci Launches Audible Device Testing Capabilities2020-08-27T20:59:18-07:00

Understanding Parenteral Vial Capping Optimization


One of the most important aspects for choosing a packaging system for parenteral vial drug products is to ensure an ideal fit between all components. In addition to characterizing the quality of selected components, parenteral vial capping optimization programs at ZebraSCI have added benefits to minimize risk down the road. Assurance of package integrity originates [...]

Understanding Parenteral Vial Capping Optimization2019-06-12T09:58:15-07:00